Is Rhino Penis Extender Worth It? Complete, Unbiased Review

Why Would I Want to Use the Rhino Penis Extender?

Honestly, I did not have high expectations for this sex toy.

He has a history of being underwhelmed by strokers and he didn’t believe that this would be much different.

I was suspicious if my penis would fit comfortably into the extension, and the plug would be enough to maintain suction.

It’s because I’m actually a bit “below average”.

This grippiness seems to allow for a unique masturbation experience that doesn’t require large stroking motions and also doesn’t overstimulate the genitals (like vibrations can).

I was surprised to find that the Rhino fit me perfectly.

It was fairly easy to penetrate with the help of a little lubrication.

The snugness was enough such that the silicone gripped my penis whether I used the plug or not.

The Rhino Penis Extender: What Others Are Saying About It.

Sex Expert Vinny DuVall exclaims that “The Rhino is the best penis extension I have ever come across.”

Nominated by ZBIX as The Best Male Sex Toy of 2015

Increase length and girth instantly with great textile pleasure.

How to Use the Traz Rhino Penis Extender

Simply slide over and onto your penis.

Next, have sex with it on.

Feel every stroking sensation as the orgasmic coil interior gently grips your penis.

Stays in place with a vacuum seal created by the no-slip-grip tip. Customize length easily.

Trim it with scissors to make sure it fits on your penis.

When done with sex – be sure to clean it with water and hand soap.

Store it in a dry, cool area.

My Personal Experience of Using the Rhino Penis Extender

I found that the rhino could be used whether erect or flaccid but I prefer fully erect.

If you are over 2 inches across for thickness it may be too big for her so you probably don’t even need this penis extender at that point.

In fact, you may be larger than most guys at that point.

Do plenty of foreplay and rub lube on generously.

I let her be on top so she could take it as she felt.

I am 6 inches long so I trimmed my rhino down to 6 and one half inches.

She does prefer the real thing – but the Rhino is a good mix-up once in a while.

She is 41 years old and I am 45. We met at when she was 19. So you can say we have a “rich” sex life.

Although the SM extender has a modified tip which helps for insertion, the Rhino is better material except the rhino has a blunt tip.

The blunt tip can potentially be a bit distracting because it takes a bit to insert it in her, especially if I slip out.

If you’re the type that follows the motto “all or nothing”, the Stampede is for you.

If you like totally dominating your woman – the Stampede is, again, for you.

Don’t shy away from a challenge and like the idea of feeling like a badass after conquering something large and in charge.

Point being, this baby is the real deal when it comes to size add-ons.

It’s products like this that make me really feel like an alpha-male.

I asked a friend who also tried it and he said that the extensions did not bunch up on him.

He’s also really hairy but it did not snag his hair or his balls while in use.

The vacuum like sensation that was created by squeezing the air out of the extension felt really nice and was absolutely not uncomfortable.

It was easy to use.

Simply remove the tip and release the vacuum so that the extension would slide right off.

For him, the extensions do hit the vaginal g-spot for stimulation and he was able to make his wife orgasm reliably and consistently.

He would use it again – absolutely.

The Final Verdict

The Traz Rhino is a unique solution for men looking to add size and women looking to get a little bit more size out of their man.

I’d recommend using the Traz Rhino without the inner feature, as it personally caused discomfort for my partner because its too hard.

When used as simply a sleeve, it was a bit unstable and uncomfortable to wear, but worked better with slow, rocking motions.

As a male masturbator, my partner prefers the texture of other sleeves – however, if you are already getting the Rhino for a couple’s use, you can definitely use it solo.

The g-spot stimulation was also not very pronounced – however others have been able to get reliable g-spot stimulation.

The inner feature was a bit too hard, rough, and not squishy, so we preferred to use it as simply a sleeve.

It’s also fabulous for adding more girth to your toys, however, it doesn’t transfer vibration incredibly well, so if you’re using it on a vibrator, expect the vibration to be a bit dulled.

The blunt tip made insertion a little bit harder, but once we got the hang of using it, it was super enjoyable.

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