How to Get an Erection Under Pressure

While men with erection difficulties and their partners believe that they are the sole victims of this problem, not being able to get an erection under pressure is actually fairly common.

In fact it’s so common you could even say it’s a normal part of every man’s life, especially when their trying to find themselves sexually.

It happens to pretty much anyone with a penis at some time or other.

Most girls understand it takes time for you to get an erection.

This is a good thing.

Why? Because girls also like to use foreplay to ramp up – not just jump straight in guns blazin.

If you just whip it out and try to use it straight away then you may not get an erection even if the girl is really hot.

Interestingly the opposite happens when you talk to a hot girl.

As a consequence you will lose your train of thought and become more tongue-tied which is why it is so hard talking to hot girls.

Your body is designed not to get erections in stressful situations when you need to fight or flight.

If you get nervous, then the fight or flight situation will kick in and you won’t get an erection.

The Psychology of Sexual Arousal in Men

You’re body starts preparing for sex and the brain shuts down the less important functions.

Anyway, all you need to do is put yourself in the second situation.

That is, concentrate on the hotness of the girl before you get your penis out.

If you just get it out and try and use it, you will be thinking more about mucking things up and less about the good time you’re about to have.

As you kiss her, feel her body, think about the sex, you’re penis will do its thing.

Confidence and Natural Penis Enlargement can help consistency in your penis arousal.

Confidence is another factor – and penis size definitely plays a big role in confidence.

Therefore, it might be worthwhile to educate yourself on natural penis enlargement methods, like penis traction devices – the medical professionals at PhalloGauge Medical explain the science behind penis extender usage.

Understand the benefits of male vitality and its role in penis health.

You have to mentally project an alpha persona and it will translate to your body.

Do other things, such as going down on her, orally stimulating her breasts etc.

After you get practice and confidence in all the other stuff, then you’ll be ready…it might take one or two sessions or maybe after an hour or so you’ll want it so bad the erection will stay.

Don’t even worry about whether you are going to have intercourse or not.

Different foods you can eat to get an erection easier.

Eating lots of the following will really help:

  • Whole grains
  • Leafy greens
  • Blueberries 
  • Watermelon
  • Oysters

Add in a healthy dose of exercise at least three times per week, and you’re well on your way to better sexual health!

All these health tips will help you give your body all that it needs to improve the quality of your erections.

Cutting out cigarettes , processed foods, and alcohol will provide further benefits.

External Things to Try to Help Get Hard

Here is a list of other tools that you can use to help with your boner.

First: Erectile Dysfunction Medications

  • Vardenafil (Levitra)
  • Sildenafil (Viagra)
  • Tadalafil (Cialis)

All these can usually help whether your problem is performance anxiety or poor blood flow.

Here are some product tools that you can try as well (most do work, well in my opinion):

Products to Help with Erectile Dysfunction

  • Vacuum devices
  • Squeeze pumps
  • Surgical Implants under the skin
  • Self-injections

If your testosterone is low, replacement therapy may help, though it won’t necessarily solve the ED.

Counseling can help you work through any relationship or emotional troubles you may be facing.

Things to Avoid Doing to Ensure You Get an Erection Under Pressure

Stop thinking to yourself: “Stop being so stressed out so you can get boners again”.

It’s worse because you actually start thinking of your inadequacy.

A lot of people find erectile dysfunction to be a stronger motivator to live a healthier lifestyle than the threat of, say, a heart attack down the road.

So there’s a chance that this could actually be a good thing in the long run for your manliness, if it helps you take your stress more seriously.

Smoking damages blood vessels, inhibiting blood flow throughout the body … and I mean throughout the body.

If you have erectile problems from consistently drinking too much do what we said earlier – make that choice and cut it out.

However, consider cutting down on the high fatty foods, and possibly talking with a doctor.

After all, there may be more serious issues at work and your inability to get up is merely an auxiliary symptom.

Relaxation techniques like yoga, exercise, meditation, tai chi, and getting adequate sleep can all lessen the impact of stress on your body and penis.

Luckily, alcohol-induced impotence is a totally temporary condition, one that should clear up as soon as your dude can once again walk a straight line and sober up.

While studies have found that men with erectile problems only make up 20 percent of the general population, 40 percent of men with erectile problems are smokers.

And a 2011 study of a group of male smokers with erectile problems found that 75 percent of them saw those erectile problems disappear after they quit.

In Conclusion

Laugh more, be more playful, and try to create opportunities for being together in situations that would be enjoyable for you both, even if sex does not occur.

Try to think of love-making as an enjoyable experience, not a judgement situation.

Most importantly, explore non-penetrative techniques like fingering and oral.

If you were the best guy at oral in the world – any girl would take you over any other ordinary guy – even if you did no penetration with your penis.

Ultimately, these things will help increase your sexual comfort and confidence, and reduce the pressure you currently feel to be an on-demand sex god.

You are merely a man on a journey.